All Inclusive hens party deals available every SATURDAY in Fortitude Valley

Hens Night Special Package

3 hours Unlimited Drinks
Package includes all basic spirits, sparkling, beer, soft drinks & house wines
Your hen gets brought up on stage (optional)
Reserved seating (Silver)
After-party entry into RNB Club

Price: $99 pp

Optional Extras:

Limo transfer to venue
Private strip show
Burlesque/Twerk/Lap Dance lesson
Upgrade Seats Gold/Platinum
Nude Art Class

Magic Men “FEEL THE MAGIC” Ticket

Glass on champagne or drink on arrival
Reserved seating (SILVER) for the award-winning Magic Men show
Your hen gets brought up on stage (optional)
Complimentary Bday/Hens Invites
Hot finger food served by topless waiters
After-party entry into RNB Club

Price: $50 pp

Optional Extras:

Limo transfer to venue
Private strip show
Burlesque/Twerk/Lap dance Lesson for group
Upgrade Seats Gold/Platinum
Nude Art Class

Limo and Show PACKAGE

2 x Bottles of Sparkling onboard to enjoy
Enjoy a 1 Hour LIMO CRUISE
Your hen gets brought up on stage (optional)
Reserved seating (Silver)
After-party entry into RNB Club

Price: $99 pp

Optional Extras:

Add a 3 hr beverage package
Private strip show
Lap Dance Lesson
Upgrade Seats Gold/Platinum
Nude Art Class

Party bus and show PACKAGE

A drink on arrival
Enjoy a 1-hour cruise arriving / bus with full music entetertainment
Your hen gets brought up on stage (optional)
Reserved seating (Silver)
Hot finger food served by topless waiters
After-party entry into RNB Club

Price: $99 pp

Optional Extras:

Private strip show on the bus
Upgrade Seats Gold/Platinum
Burlesque/Twerk/Lap dance lesson for your group



Huge congratulations, you’re getting married! It’s such an exciting time of your life and your future awaits, but not before one last blowout in your final night of freedom. Whether you’re looking for yourself, your sister, cousin, Mum or your best friend, it’s so important to get these pre-wedding celebrations perfect and be the deserved send-off. There’s no doubt you want to plan an unforgettable night, and Magic Men are here to help. There are plenty of options. A night involving one of our men is just what you need- a topless waiter, a male stripper, or a night at the strip club? You name it; we can do it. Imagine the look on the bride’s face when a half-naked or fully naked god of a man greets her!

So, if you’re looking for heightened levels of fun, this is the place to be. Whatever you might be thinking, we have the perfect package for you! Sit back, and hold tight whilst our men stir up some magic and give you the party of a lifetime.



What Is A Hens Party? 

For a lady who is about to get married, a hens party is a celebration that is held in her honour. This is the moment where the bride-to-be and her guests enjoy the moment of uninterrupted fun – each one will have the time of her life, especially the hen, whose single days are numbered and she just wants to forget all restrictions even for just this night! Now is the time for her to let loose and just enjoy the evening especially prepared for her.

As you get together for the hens party, the bride to be and you, who happens to be the party planner, are informed of what is supposed to happen on this momentous evening. Of course, more hens party ideas have been kept secret from the bride to be, so as not to spoil the fun that she would experience one last time before she gets hitched.

A First Timer’s Guide On How To Plan A Brisbane Hens Party

For someone who has never experienced organizing a hens party Brisbane, the one in charge, usually the bridesmaid, can easily be at a loss. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to plan an ideal hen’s party that would be of good use to the party planner:


Step 1 – Discuss with the bride-to-be

As someone who has been delegated to organise the perfect hens party for your friend, it is important to speak to the bride to be. Of course, the celebration is supposed to be a surprise but the bride should know at least some important details so that she will not be at a loss during the party. You may ask her about the following details:


  1. The date and venue of the hens party
  2. The bride-to-be’s priority
  3. Who would be invited to the hens party
  4. The bride-to-be’s entertainment preferences


Of course, it does not necessarily mean that her ideas will be the final say. They will just serve as a basis for our final Brisbane hens party plans. After all, what are surprises for?


Step 2 – Have a guest list for the hens party

You are now ready to make a list of your expected guests. Since the bride-to-be has told you who she wants to see at her party, you better make some arrangements to make them attend. There may be some people who you have not met yet, or some friends nearby. Her relatives, peers from work, or neighbours might also be added to the list.


Step 3 – Create a chat group

In creating a chat room exclusively for the hens party, keep in mind that the attendees will be a group with different personalities, likes, and dislikes. Be sure to know the proper etiquette when dealing with individuals.

A chat group will come in handy for all invited guests. This is the initial place where you meet the important people in the bride-to-be’s life, whether a friend or a relative. Here is where you can talk about the details of the party just like you are all together in one place. Things like the final date and venue, who will take care of the decors and bling, and other stuff that needs to be mindful of.


Step 4 – Decide on the date and the venue of the hens party

Now that you have your guests in a chat group, you may freely discuss details about the hens party. Let them know your bride’s ideas on the date and venue of the event and come up with the most feasible schedule for everyone – where most of the guests, if not all, can attend the party.


Step 5 – List down your planned activities

This is a little challenging topic to discuss. Due to the varied interests and preferences of guests, you may not easily come up with the list of activities for the hens party. There will be many suggestions, and many ideas will pop out – there will be guests who will agree, while some may not!

To avoid things being complicated, here’s a little trick. Get your small group, the ones who are closest to the hen and you, and brainstorm beforehand. List the activities that are most likely agreeable to all, and while you are at it, remember that a strip show is a must for every hens party. Don’t forget to include that in your list! And then, present to the group your proposal for a meaningful and memorable night.


Step 6 – Think of options or alternatives

For the set of activities, have a backup plan so that when one thing is not doable, there will be alternative things to do. A party planner like you needs to be resourceful and think of other ideas that can be done once the main activity does not push through. This will ensure that your day will not be disrupted because of unavoidable circumstances.

Keep in mind also that not all guests can participate in the activities. Plan options for these people so as to keep them busy while most of your guests are having a blast.


Step 7 – Assign people

So, do not think that you can do it all. Some people are ready to extend a hand. Your fellow bridesmaids are more than willing to be involved in this momentous celebration. Divide the tasks, get these ladies moving to accomplish your goals. As long as you work together with cooperation, all those tasks are as easy as a pie.

Some of the tasks that can be entrusted are party games, party decors and accessories, sashes, t-shirts, loot bags, and blings.


Step 8 – Gather the funds

As you have agreed upon, collect from your donors – you cannot move around without the funds. Set a deadline for them to pitch in their contributions. To set things straight, all expenses must be properly accounted for, and each contributor should be well informed of where his money went.


Step 9 – Work on the budget

Prepare the hens party budget based on the amount collected for your fund. Prioritise what is the most important expenditure on your list. Search for places or things where you can have the best deal for your money. There are lots of budget-friendly options for a fantastic hens night. Of course, none of these would be your problem if you have enough funds from generous donors.


Step 10 – Don’t forget the small things that matter

There are basic party details you sometimes do not put much effort into – and they are important specifics that you should not forget. Hens party bags, giveaways and trinkets, party shirts, and all those minute details that you should always keep in mind for the party.

Set aside a budget for these small things. Most of these are inexpensive items but of course, you don’t want to be caught off guard by unexpected expenses.


Step 11 – Send out the final details

Let the attendees know the final details of the party as agreed upon. Make them informed of the party theme so that they can prepare for their costumes if needed.  Make them aware of their assigned tasks – hens party games, program presentations, and others. You may also include the run-down of the costs of the party for transparency purposes.


Step 12 – Remind the bride-to-be!

Do not forget to remind them that the bride-to-be should not know all the details, so make them promise not to reveal the surprise, or else you will end up being a party-pooper!!


Step 13 – Send invitations

After all the plans have been ironed out, it is time to let those invitations do their thing. Send them to your guests so they can prepare beforehand.  The hens party invites contain the theme of the party, the date, time, and venue. It could be very helpful to have an RSVP for you to know the number of attendees.

Do not forget to include the contact details of party organizers in case of emergencies.


Step 14 – Let the bride-to-be know the basic final plans

You have to inform the bride of the final plans – but not everything! Just give her a taste of what is to come. For sure she will get the surprise of her life, thanks to the wonderful coordination between people who care a lot to give her the perfect hens night experience.


Step 15 – Enjoy the party

Nothing can stop you now from enjoying the best hens party ever, especially if you know it has been planned well and all things are in place. Your hard work has finally paid off! You can see your BFF hen and guests, including you, of course, partying the night away!

Give your best friend an unforgettable hens party she will cherish for a long time. Get those creative ideas flowing and plan well.

Why celebrate Your Last Night of Freedom?

Celebrating impending nuptials is an absolute must. In just a few short weeks, you or your best friend will be walking down the aisle to a new life so let’s say goodbye to the old with a bang.  But we know that organising Brisbane hens packages is a big deal. It’s not your bog-standard party. It needs to be something exciting, something different and preferably, something incredibly sexy and maybe a little naughty. It needs to be perfect for you and unique to your celebration needs.

Lucky for you, we have everything covered. With Brisbane’s best hens packages and Brisbane hens party ideas, you won’t need to look anywhere else. See below for our amazing Hens party deals, including all-inclusive party packages.


Hens Night Packages in Brisbane?

Voted 2022 best Hens party Brisbane, you have stopped on the right page to start organising. Begin by taking a read of our outstanding packages and deciding which is the perfect option for you.

There are a wide range of Brisbane hens party activities available. You can take a cruise down the Brisbane river with a boat party, head out for a spa day or karaoke night, or go for a more classy hen party with a winery tour or high tea. But here’s why we believe Magic Men Live is one of the best options out there.


 Strip Club Sensations

If your hen is looking for an amazing night out with a saucy twist, a night at Magic Men Live is right up your street. Voted Best Male Dance Group 2013, the evening, the show and the men provide a riveting, action-packed night with an electrifying atmosphere. The eventful evening runs each Saturday between 6 and 9:30 pm.

Magic Men’s male strip club packages for bachelorettes are the ultimate deal. With everything in one place, planning your event with us will remove the stress and give you the support to organise a party of this magnitude. Whatever your budget and group size, we can work it out. Not only will Magic Men help to manage the main event, but they can also recommend, reserve and even book accommodation for you.


All of our tickets, packages and deals at the club include;

complimentary glass of fizz when you arrive,  topless waiters to serve you, hot finger food, THE SHOW and, of course, tickets to the after show party. There is also plenty of add ons and extras available such as private strips and drinks packages. Make sure to discuss these with the Magic Men team when booking.

So, what are your options?


  • Tickets to the show

Tickets to this thrilling and captivating show begin at just $40 and increase to $95, depending on where you would like to sit. Of course, the more expensive tickets take you closer to where the action is, although all tickets promise an excellent view of the action.


  • Hens Night Special- $99pp

This is the ultimate strip club deal. The tickets include all the treats mentioned above, plus 3-hour unlimited drinks, including wine, champagne, spirits and beer, and bottomless cocktails! What could be better than that?


  • Limo and show- $99pp

This particular kind of night calls for some unique transport. How about a hot pink stretched Limo? Now we’re talking. This ticket entitles you to all of the treats of the tickets and a 1-hour cruise around town. Also, including a bottle of champagne and photo opportunities, you’ll be well on your way!


  • Dinner and show- $85

Do you fancy something a little more than hot finger food? This option may suit you if you love your food. Just a short walk from the show venue, this ticket entitled you to all of the above AND a sharing platter and one-course meal.

If a strip club isn’t quite what you are after, maybe something in your own space is. Have you ever thought about hiring topless waiters or a male stripper?


A Little Magic at Home

If you’re not excited by the prospect of a night at the club? Have you thought about hiring one of Magic Men’s male strippers to sprinkle some love in your home? Our excellent male stripper packages are just what you need to spice up your perfect night in. An exclusive show for you and your girlfriends in the comfort of your living room. Priceless.

This tried and tested party option is so worth it, and it’s so simple. All you need to do is;

-decide on your date and venue

-scroll through our delectable selections of hot male strippers

-Book, or reserve him by following the link or calling Magic Men.

-Enjoy every second.

Are You Being Served?

If a striptease isn’t what you’re looking for but you still quite fancy a delicious man making his presence known amongst your guests, a topless waiter could be just what you need to make it the night of your dreams. Simply choose the guy you’d like from our selection (and book him immediately- so you don’t miss out) and enjoy an evening with his helpful hand and watchful eye, making sure everything is running smoothly. He is excellent at; final party preparations, serving delicious food, taking orders behind the bar, taking charge of games and generally being witty and charming.


 Top Tips to Get A Hens Night Started

However you wish to celebrate, here are some top tips to get it started

For the best experience, the party needs to be alive and the party spirit high. This can be achieved with plenty of chatting, laughing, drinking and, of course, games. Here are two divine drink ideas and two excellent games that will go down well with the rest of the flock.




Rosѐ Slushy

This refreshing number will go down nicely after the thrill of the stripping sex god when the heat is high and you all need to cool down. It takes some overnight preparation but is worth every second.

Ingredients: 1 bottle of rosѐ, 4oz of Elderflower and rosѐ lemonade, ice and lavender

To make: Freeze the rosѐ in ice cube trays overnight. Just before you’re ready to drink, combine the lemonade and frozen rosѐ in a blender until it creates a slushy consistency. Serve with lavender as a garnish.


Dirty Girl Shot

No party is complete without a few shots. You may use this shooter as part of a game or just because you feel like it. This one is quick and easy to make. It’s creamy, and zingy and oh so delicious.

Ingredients: 1 part orange liqueur, 1 part Galliano liqueur, 1 part Bailey’s

To make: In a shot glass, layer the orange liqueur, followed by a layer of Galliano, and finally a layer of Bailey’s.




Pass the Parcel

Has anyone ever mentioned how fun children’s party games are when you give them an adult twist? Pass the parcel is so simple but can be so much fun. It needs some preparation in the lead up to the party but is a perfect starter activity.

How to prepare: Choose a hilarious prize for the winner and begin wrapping. Between each layer, add a little treat. This could be something nice, like some sweets, or something naughty. To make the game more interesting, you could also add a truth or dare between each layer. I don’t think I need to explain how to play!


 Hens Night Scavenger Hunt

This hilarious game also requires some preparation; however, it is SO funny and unpredictable you’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry. The idea is to create some categories, such as: find an item that is most likely or dressing up in the most unusual outfit you can find. You’ll be amazed at how creative your guests can be! This can also be adapted to a party in the club. Make a list of items to collect and see if the girls can do it!

Make sure to take plenty of photos!


Call us Today

We know how complex planning a party can be, especially if you’re a bit stuck for Brisbane hens party ideas. There can be a lot to think about and book. That’s where we come in! With years of party organising experience, we are ready and waiting to get the ball rolling. There is absolutely no reason to delay. Either enquire or call us directly and we’ll set everything in motion depending on your wishes for your bachelorette party. We want to make it everything you dreamed of, so tell us what you’d like, and we’ll do our very best to make it happen. So what are you waiting for? Put on your best dress and jump on the party bus for the night of your life! Wherever you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, Magic Men is the experience you’ve been looking for.


How much does it cost to plan a Hens Party in Brisbane?

A range of factors influence the price of Brisbane hens parties and these include but are not limited to number of people attending, venue preference, activities and extra services. Magic Men Live has customised packages that are tailored for your needs and budget.

What kinds of things go on at a Hens Party?

At Magic Men Live we offer a variety of exhilarating experiences so you can have an unforgettable hens party. These could include live performances by professional male dancers, interactive games, dancing lessons, photo opportunities and many more among our packages.

We make sure the future bride and her guests have a fantastic time together.

What are some means of transportation used during a Hens Party?

For people who host such events (Hen Parties) there are various transport choices depending on what one wants. Some groups hire private cars, party buses or limousines to move from one place to another during the day or between venues where they spend their time.

As part of your customised package, booking transportation can be arranged through us at Magic Men Live. We have options for expensive transport or an energetic “party bus” regardless if you prefer being driven around like a king or going wild in a car full of friends that fit all tastes and preferences.