Hiring a male stripper is a big deal. It means you’re on the lookout for the night of your life and you’ll pull out all the stops to make sure you get it. Lucky for you, you’ve arrived in just the right place. Adelaide’s male strippers are hot and they’re ready to take their clothes off just for you.

Magic Men don’t give any ordinary show. Adelaide’s male strippers are 100% ready and waiting for you. They’re unique and each brings their own secret style that will taunt and satisfy you, both simultaneously. Time after time, these guys get invited to an event, but the question is; why are they in such high demand, and what is it about this group of mesmerising men that leave women wanting more?


The top 10 Reasons Women Love A Stripper


That’s a good question; maybe we should ask, why wouldn’t women love a stripper? In all seriousness, a stripper might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but that might be because they don’t truly understand what hiring a stripper involves. They also might not appreciate how they will feel after experiencing one.

So here are the top reasons why women LOVE a stripper and what a glorious hunk can bring to your event:


He doesn’t need a reason to celebrate

It doesn’t matter to our hunks what the occasion is. It could be that wedding bells are soon to ring. You may have just gotten a divorce. It might be a big birthday, or there may not be a reason. You and your girls might just want to celebrate life, in style. Our men are game for any occasion and will make it memorable no matter what.


He has some killer abs

Those abs! Those abs! Should I say it one more time? Have you ever had a fantasy where you’re run your hands down a hot and sweaty man’s rock-hard, washboard abs? Well, hiring one of Adelaide’s male strippers will fulfil every fantasy you’ve ever had and probably give some you hadn’t ever imagined.


They play dress-up

Talking of fantasies, what costume does he wear in your dreams? Is it a cop, a superhero or even a teacher- and you’re a naughty student in trouble? Whatever it is that gets your pulse racing; the stripper can do. He will please you no matter what- but dressing up and pleasing you is even hotter.


He’s hotter in real life.

Our portfolio of hotties is vast. We have such a range of looks and characters that you’ll be spoilt for choice. The great thing to know, though, is that; the man you book will be the exact same man knocking on your door, AND he’s hand-down hotter in real life. The way he smiles, dances, and takes his clothes will make you scream whilst melting your heart.


He’s top of his game.

These are not ordinary guys. They are top-notch, handpicked for their overall package. Booking a male stripper with Magic Men guarantees you the very best there is. They’ll arrive in style and ready to perform. They’re reliable and will always arrive at the arranged time. They also know just how to make you feel a million dollars. They have friendly confidence and any uncomfortable feelings don’t get a look in.


He’s there just for you.

The best thing about hiring a male stripper instead of visiting a male strip club is that he is there solely to please you. For the time you have hired him, he’s yours and yours alone. Before hand, let him know of any dos and don’ts, for example, whether you want him to do a full or a partial strip, and he’ll weave his magic into one explosive show. What could be sexier then that?


He’ll make you feel alive!

The thing about having a male stripper around you, on top of you and possibly underneath you, is that you’ll feel like you’ve never felt before. These experiences don’t come about often, and seeing a real-life Adonis before your very eyes is simply sensational. The thrill will send your blood racing, and you’ll laugh as you’ve never laughed before.



When the doorbell rings and your hunk is making his way inside, the firework display begins. This is the most exciting part, the climax. The crowd go wild, cheering, clapping and sighing. Your girls will give this exact reaction when the hunk enters your party. The group won’t believe their eyes at what is happening before them and then, when it’s over, there’s bound to be a lingering warmth but some disappointment that he has gone.


Sometimes one isn’t enough.

If you have a large groups size, or just one stripper isn’t enough, Magic Men can help you. Male stripper packages vary so that you can hire two strippers or even three! A session with double the trouble is $510, and you can decide whether they come together or one after the other.

Also, If you’re hosting a dinner party, or need somebody at the bar, one of Adelaide’s topless waiters is the perfect accompaniment. The butlers in the buff can oversee all manner of prepping, serving and lighter entertainment which means you don’t have to play host.


Magic Men are fab to organise with

Magic Men is a tried, tested, and reliable company that has organised thousands of hens parties for like-minded women. We know what to ask, we know how to help, and we can recommend things based on the information you give us. We’re a friendly and approachable bunch so give us a call today.

There you have it. It’s no wonder these male strippers Adelaide are sought after with the performance they give. If you’re still not sure, read the reviews on the page.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your gorgeous guy and book today!

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