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Male Strippers Adelaide

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Come see the sexiest male strip shows Adelaide has to offer.

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Male Strip Club Melbourne is hosting the hottest show every weekend.

  • $ 40 Per Person
    • Standing area only
    • Glass of Champagne
    • Tickets to the after party
    • Hot finger food
  • $ 50 Per Person
    • Silver reserved seating
    • Glass of Champagne
    • Tickets to the after party
    • Hot finger food
  • GOLD
  • $ 75 Per Person
    • Gold reserved seating
    • Glass of Champagne
    • Tickets to the after party
    • Hot finger food
  • Platinum
  • $ 95 Per Person
    • Front Row or VIP Booth
    • 2 x glass of Champagne
    • Tickets to the after party
    • Hot finger food


1 1
High Tea Party: Manners, Lace, and Elegance

The high tea party is perfect for a luxurious and stylish experience of CLASSY HENS.

2 2
Indulging in A Luxury Cruise Ride

If you don’t worry about the budget, then a luxury cruise is perfect for the party.

3 3
A Pamper Session For The Care You Deserved

If you’re looking for a classy party with your hens, then a pamper session (spa day) is also a good idea.

4 4
Private Bartending: Sip and Spill the Fun

For cocktail lovers, this is your chance to learn and have endless fun while preparing epic cocktails from the private bartender.

Weekly Saturday Night Entry to the best male strip shows ADELAIDE has to offer


Fancy having a private party with something out of the ordinary? Treat yourself and your friends to an exciting night that would surely be remembered for a long time! Try Magic Men – Adelaide ladies’ first choice for providing top-rate professional adult entertainment. Have a fun-filled celebration that is way above your expectations. Be totally blown away by their superb looks and oozing confidence.


Magic Men is More Than What You Expect

Magic Men has something more to offer aside from their stunning looks and picture-perfect physique. These men have excellent skills and abilities that spell perfect dance performances wherever they go.

Expect a wonderful time with these male dancers. Their interactive dance moves will surely light up your senses to a higher level! Come and see for yourself why these gorgeous men are called the Best Male Dancers of the Year!


The venue for the party with our male strippers should be considered well. It should be held in a place where you can have all the privacy you need. Laugh, clap, cheer all you want without worrying that you are disturbing others.

Celebrate your party in the comfort of your home or a private place of your choice. Out-of-town locations are also okay, our hunks can travel anywhere in Adelaide with just a small travel fee added to your quote.


Our guys are often described as attractive and appealing, mostly because of the way they carry themselves. Their confidence is overflowing and their charm is undeniable.


The costumes they wear also make them stand out from the crowd. For the strip show, our men come to you wrapped in costumes of fireman, cowboy, policeman, or just about anything. If you have something that you would like our guys to wear, tell us. Hot tip: If you are planning a themed party, our men wouldn’t mind wearing the costume you have prepared for them. Just let us know in advance.



Preparation for the strip show on your part is not about those worrisome details that get you stressed out. It is just those trivial matters that are easy to carry out. Here are the three essentials for the show:

A place for the entertainer to prepare himself for the performance. He needs to freshen up and change his costume for the show.

A place for the stripper to execute his dance moves. The dance area should be wide enough for him to flawlessly execute his dance moves.

An armless chair is needed for the show. The special lady will be seated on that chair while our sexy man does his magical moves.

We assure you that our Magic Men will come to your party to celebrate with you. On the date of the party, he will get in touch with you and give details as to the time of his arrival.


For an exciting celebration that has a unique touch, why not try having a strip show with our gorgeous male dancers. Booking a stripper is very easy, just call us or visit our website.


You have three choices on what performance you would like the guys to do: partial strip show, full strip show, or double trouble show. Each has something different to offer, but they have one thing in common – extremely breathtaking dance moves guaranteed to keep you entertained.


Partial strip show – This show is for 15 to 20 minutes. Awaken your senses to our stripper’s sultry moves, and let him undress up to his last piece of clothing.
Full strip show – For 15 to 20 minutes, lose yourself to our stripper’s sexy dance moves and wait until he has taken all his clothes off, and he means everything!
Double trouble show – This show lasts for 30 to 40 minutes. Having two handsome dancers is twice the fun. Let them entertain you at the same time or one after the other. It’s your choice!

Book your choice with prices ranging from $290 to $530 (Adelaide rate). Prepare a deposit as you make your reservation, and pay the outstanding balance on the show date. It’s as easy as that!



Basic Rules To Follow When Hiring A Male Exotic Dancer Adelaide

Isn’t it an excellent idea to hire a stripper for your hens party, birthday party or any other occasion that you feel like celebrating? Of course, it is! Because of that, we need to know some basic rules when we hire a stripper.


  • Inform your guests it is a strip show. There may be some of your guests who are not comfortable with this type of entertainment so it is better to tell them beforehand.
  • It is your option to hire who you want. Certainly, you want to get the best guy who has the looks and talent. If your choice of a stripper is someone really popular, then you need to book early to be sure that he will be available for you on the date of the party.
  • Act properly. Don’t make the mistake of doing anything uncalled for. Clap and be noisy but do not be too loud or you may cause a distraction to other people nearby.
  • Ask before you touch. It is perfectly right to ask our hunk if he likes to be touched. Make sure that what you do will be within the limits set by our stripper.
    Ask before you take that photo or video. Value our dancer’s privacy. Do not assume that he does not like privacy since his job is being a stripper. Ask for permission from him before you take his photo or video.
  • Appreciate the man. As a stripper, he is a professional entertainer. His work requires a lot of time and effort perfecting his skills, therefore he is not just appearing to the venue unprepared. Showing appreciation during his performances by clapping your hands and cheering him on makes him more motivated to dance his best.
  • It does not hurt to give tips. After all, you were so attracted to his performance and cannot get enough of his dance moves. If you feel he has done more than what is expected of him and is really good at it, it won’t hurt to give him tips. It is not required to give, but it is perfectly okay.
  • The strip show has a time frame. Do you think your exotic dancer’s performance is a bit short-lived? If you want to extend the fun, you can try booking the double trouble show. Two men in one show are twice the fun.
  • Complete the payment. On the date of the show, the balance due to us may be paid through the stripper, as he arrives or after his performance.


F.A.Q for visiting a show or hiring a entertainer


Q. Where are the Male strippers located?

A. Adelaide CBD

Q. What is the age limit?
A. For Magic men Live its 18 and older to enter and you must be 18 and over to stay at the club afterwards, as SHOW maintains a strict 18 and older policy
Q. When are the performances?
A. Starting from 8:00 and finishing at 10:00
Q. Are reservations required?

A. Reservations are not required but we strongly recommend advanced ticket reservations for Magic Men Live as it often sells out. Tickets are available for purchase online at our website or via phone by calling us.

Q. What is the dress code?
A. The dress code for SHOW is upscale and trendy. No sneakers, boots, headgear, jerseys, sweats, or jumpsuits allowed
Q. What is the cover to SHOW Night Club after Magic Men Live is over?
A. There is none! Attendees to the show are invited to stay at SHOW as it transforms into one of the hottest, stylish upscale-night clubs in Adelaide. So patrons of the show are getting a great deal, admission to both the show and the night club for one price!
Q. What is the demographic of Magic Men Live audience? Are men allowed to attend?

A. Our audience is extremely diverse with women from all ethnicities and ages. Men are allowed to attend as long as they are escorted by a woman

Q. Are reservations required?
A. Reservations are not required but we strongly recommend advanced ticket reservations for Magic Men Live as it often sells out. Tickets are available for purchase online at our website or via phone by calling us.
Q. Can I get VIP tickets/packages at the door?
A. All VIP packages and tickets are subject to availability. You should book your VIP parties in advance. You are able to purchase VIP seats at the door if they are available. You may also upgrade general admission tickets as well. All upgrades and purchases at the door are available as cash purchases only.


The Male revue Show

Q. What makes Magic Men Live different from other male revues?

A. Magic Men Live is an extremely audience-interactive performance showcased at one of the most upscale night clubs in Adelaide. Unlike other male strip shows in Adelaide,Magic Men Live is tasteful while intimate, up-close and personal.

The venue itself offers the perfect atmosphere for the burlesque show with a full production stage and lush red velvet seating and decor.Magic Men Live offers an unforgettable experience.

Q. How far in advance do I need to book reservations?
A. Tickets should be purchased as soon as your party knows what show they would like to attend. VIP packages sell out quickly since we have a limited number to offer for each show. Traffic varies from week to week. Therefore it is hard to give an actual deadline for purchases. Purchasing tickets as soon as possible is the safest way to go.
Q. What are the ticket prices?
A. Ticket prices for Magic Men Live are as follows:
–Cost: From $35 Per Person
Includes: Glass of sparkling, delicious hot finger food and free entry to after party
Tickets and Reservations
Q. Where can I purchase tickets?
A. The most convenient way to purchase tickets is through our website at There you can read about the different seats we offer as well as special packages available for large groups. If you prefer to purchase them over the phone you may do so by calling us.



Q. Do you offer VIP seating?

A. There are 2 types of VIP seating for Magic Men Live

    • Platinum & Gold, Guaranteed seating for the first Four rows first come first serve.
    • VIP Group package,
    • VIP seating, up close, and center stage
    • Free stage spot (for the Bachelorette or birthday girl)

Q. What time do you recommend for us to arrive?
A. The doors open at 7:00 and the show starts at 8:00PM. VIP front row seats and VIP packages have reserved seating, however general admission does not. General admission is first come first serve so we recommend for you to come as early as possible because after the seats fill, the show becomes standing-room.


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Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a hens night, bachelorette party or just having a fun girls night in Melbourne, our hot and hunky male strippers and cheeky topless waiters are sure to make your ladies night one to remember. The Magic Men can visit suites, private function venues and residences around Melbourne for private shows just for you and your guests.

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"Best Strip Show I've Ever Seen."

Her ability to connect people, inspire audience and presentation skills are amazing and very creative.

- Jane Johnson



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She's got a passion for the design, development and marketing of enterprise software, and is one of the "go to" people.

- Samantha Smith


"The Hottest Strippers"

Honestly the hottest strippers i've ever seen! Had an awesome night, cant wait to have another hens night!

- Laura Ling