Picture your favourite Action man thrown into a washing machine on spin cycle… that sums up this cheeky chap of a UK acrobat. With ten years of performing in the commercial dance industry, both on stage and TV/film, and a lifetime of training and performing as a professional Bboy/acrobat, Zac will get your knickers twisted quicker than you can say “D and scones anyone?” Zac says, “my sole purpose in life is to put a smile on your face, and put on a show worthy of a wet floor sign!” Suave, sexy, playful and coming at you with costumes to fit your every fantasy, you’ll be in safe hands…right up until he’s in yours. P.s Zac is in a film with Meryl Streep. I bet you couldn’t guess which one?



Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:

Dark Brown

Star Sign:



December 16, 2022