Nothing makes a party more exciting than a thrilling performance from the our male strippers Perth. Celebrating with them is an extraordinary experience that will surpass every girl’s expectations. Their presence will delight you, and their dance moves will rock your world!

Our top-notch male strippers are set to give you only the best! Watch them perform electrifying dances that will entertain and amaze you. Add some spice to your private parties; get these men to showcase their superb moves!


What to expect from our male strippers in Perth?

Seeing our male strippers are an incredible experience, you just can’t stop staring at them. They got the handsome faces and bodies to show. Wait until you see them perform – they are simply outstanding!

Expect spectacular dance acts from our talented hunks! Their confidence and charm show off with every move they make. Their performances are a sight to behold; each sultry move is simply perfect. Armed with dancing skills that spells thrill and excitement, they will surely leave every girl breathless and mesmerized. You will love these men whose aim is to tease and please you, just the way you like it.


Why choose Magic Men Live in Perth?

No doubt about it, we give you the best male strippers in Perth. Our men are among the chosen few whose great looks and amazing physique are every girl’s dream come true. Their dance routines are perfect, making ladies breathless after every show.

Our male strippers make sure that you will enjoy every bit of the performance they make, that is why they don’t just show up to your venue without being ready for their part. Much care is done to ensure that they look and feel good – and their dance moves are rehearsed. You will not worry about anything else, all you got to do is to watch and be thrilled. 


Who are your guests?

Make known that a hot male stripper is performing at your party. Some guests may not like it, but I bet most of your lady friends would thank you for that! While you certainly cannot please everybody, be prepared to have alternative activities for those who are not okay with strip dancing.

Tips to give. If you feel like giving tips, why not? Your man will love you for that! For an amazing dance show, giving tips is but a natural act. After all, it feels great to be generous, and your stripper will appreciate your gesture.

Your manner matters. Our exotic dancers are trained and experienced to give great performances. Their appearances are overwhelming and most of the time, you may lose yourself completely. Keep your emotions in check; don’t be too rowdy or loud. Act appropriately and don’t do anything uncalled for. Be courteous and be nice.

Remember also that our male strippers have their own set of rules. You may want to ask them if it is alright to have their photos taken or if touching is allowed. Avoid embarrassing situations especially at your party.

Your final payment. Don’t forget to pay your dues. Prepare the exact amount in cash and hand it over to the stripper when he arrives or right after the performance.

Get ready for the party!

After your booking is processed, your stripper will contact you before the party, and this is the time for the exchange of ideas and instructions for the party. You may talk about things like surprise appearance, costumes, music to be used, and other important stuff for the party. Do not worry; be assured that our man will arrive on or before the time you have agreed upon.

As the strip dance will be an important part of your private party, there are things needed to be prepared. Be sure that the dance space is ready for his performance, and an armless chair for props. A small private space will be okay to give him time to freshen up and prepare for the show.

Strip shows always come with lots of cheers, shouts and laughter. This is not unusual because the mere presence of exotic dancers is enough to make ladies go crazy. That is why for your private show, it is important to choose a place where you can be loud to your heart’s content without being the cause of disturbance to others. Of course, you wouldn’t want people nearby complaining about your noise, right?

Find a function room in a bar or hotel, just let them know that you are having an exciting stripper or topless waiter Perth. You can also have your event at home, or anywhere private. It is totally up to you to select a perfect place for your party. If you plan on having it outside of Perth, it should not be a problem. A gorgeous and charming hunk will be there, just let us know where.

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Looking for Something More?

If you’re ready to turn it up a notch, book tickets for our Magic Men Live show! Our hunks put on the show of the century right at our own male strip club. It’s perfect for a hens night, girls night out, birthday party, or any other celebration. Get involved with our gorgeous male strippers as they turn up the heat in our live show. Then take to the dance floor for a boogie while our hottest hunks serve food and drinks throughout the night. Learn more online or contact us today for more information. Book today and experience the best Perth male strippers for yourself!

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