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Planning on hiring a male stripper on your next girls night out? You may be tired of the usual and common ideas for a party, and for a change, you want something fun and exciting on a different level.

Magic Men of Sydney presents breathtaking performances that spell excitement and fun. These guys will blow your mind as they take you to experience the next level of entertainment that only they can give. For a truly memorable event that is meant to last a long time, our male dancers will deliver an out of the box party that will be the talk of the town.

The best strippers can only be found in Magic Men. With their dedication to providing the finest performances, their skills and talent are constantly being honed. Trust these hunks to provide you with great entertainment right where you need them. Book these men for an incredible hens night party you will never forget.

Male Entertainers For Your Party


Hiring a male entertainer in Sydney is not as hard as you think if beforehand you know what you are looking for. There are lots of companies offering adult entertainment through exotic dancers and it is a wise idea to go over these tips to make things easier for you


TIP #1

You should get information about the different agencies that provide exotic dancers for entertainment purposes. Try to skim over the information on their websites. Read customer reviews online. Better yet, you may ask for recommendations from friends or acquaintances that have experienced booking for such companies. From there, you can manage your expectations about your stripper.


TIP #2

Check the website of the company where you plan to hire your man. Look for the photos of the men that you can choose to book. You can usually find the profile of the guys along with his photo. This gives you the first impression of the men you are going to book.


TIP #3

When choosing a guy, consider the preferences of your hen. You may ask her what she likes. Selecting an entertainer is a fun night of get-together. Round up the girls and browse through the guys’ profiles. Have your picks and check their availability.


TIP #4

Book in advance. More often than not, you will choose an experienced dancer who is popular among girls, and chances are he has a fully booked schedule. That is why you must make your bookings as early as possible to avoid this scenario.


TIP #5

Prepare to give your deposit. It is usual for the company to ask for advance payment. The remaining balance is paid through the guy on the day of the event.

Mind Your Manners

As soon as the stripper arrives, everyone becomes so excited in anticipation of a great show ahead. It is but natural to act thrilled, but don’t let emotions overrule your common sense. Remember that the hunk performs purely for entertainment purposes, and he is professionally trained to dance.

During the performance, do not go overboard by doing these things without his permission – touching his body and taking photos of his moves. Do not touch where it is not appropriate, and do not take photos that may compromise his privacy. The rule is to ask permission from him.

While he performs, show your admiration by clapping your hands and cheering him on. It is a big boost for him to see you enjoying his show. Tips are greatly appreciated, too, because our entertainer’s hard work is admired and recognised.



Prepare a list of your guests for your hens night. This requires careful consideration because you don’t want some people to be left out, or there might be some guests who would not want to see a strip show. Tell them beforehand that the highlight of your night is a male dancer’s performance, and make sure that they will look forward to it!



It is very common to have a male entertainer perform at a hens night party, but the excitement and thrill it brings are not ordinary. Your bride-to-be deserves this event of a lifetime, and here are some of the reasons:


  1.     This is your bride-to-be’s last night out as a single girl;
  2.     This is probably the last opportunity for her to see, touch and feel a hot hunk’s body (aside from her husband, of course) for the remaining days of her life; and
  3.     This get-together will be a rare occurrence in the future as you go on with your daily busy lives.


For other celebrations or events such as a girls night out, it is perfectly fine to have a stripper perform, after all, it is your choice to have a little bit of extraordinary fun with your girlfriends.



One of the things to consider when hiring a male entertainer is the venue of the party. For your private event, it is important to choose an appropriate place for him to dance. It can either be your home, your friend’s home or some space you can rent.

If you decide to have it at your home or your friend’s, make sure that it has a space wide enough for the male dancer to perform. You also need to consider the privacy of the place. Think about your neighbours who would not be comfortable with what they see and hear from your place. You could always consider going to a male strip club.

In renting a private place such as a hotel room, make sure that your event is allowed in that place. Inform management of your planned activities to avoid any inconveniences.



You can request your chosen guy to wear a costume in his performance at your private party. There are many options to choose from – police officer, fireman, construction worker, doctor, whatever – suggest what you want. Having these costumes as part of the show gives added attraction especially when your man slowly takes it off for you. Aside from the sexy routine, nothing is better than to see a man in uniform, right ladies?



Celebrate in style with Magic Men live at your place. We have choices of a strip show for you and your friends to enjoy. Select what you think is the best option for you. Make your night memorable when you hire us.

All of our shows will guarantee you the finest entertainment with lots of laughter and enjoyment. Choose from these – partial strip show, full strip show and double trouble show.


Partial strip show – For 15 to 20 minutes, our hot man will gamely perform while removing his clothing down to his G-string. This is very cheeky and sexy.

Full strip show – This is the ultimate stripper’s performance that you will witness for 15 to 20 minutes. See your hunk move, removing his clothing little by little until he is down to nothing. Do not dare to hold back your stunned expression on this one!

Double trouble show – Two heads are indeed better than one. Try booking two hunks for a truly pleasing experience. Let them perform one after the other or together, it is your choice. This show will last for 30 to 40 minutes.


Priced from $280 to $510, you will get your money’s worth with these shows that will keep you on your toes all throughout the evening.

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