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Come see the sexiest male strip shows Sydney has to offer.


Our most popular party favourite. Get our all-inclusive drinks and show package. Our best value for money package for any group size.

Our most popular party favourite. Get our all-inclusive drinks and show package. Our best value for money package for any group size.

Our most popular party favourite. Get our all-inclusive drinks and show package. Our best value for money package for any group size.


Magic Men gives great performances that will definitely keep the audience enthralled throughout the show. Ladies cannot help but swoon over these men whose faces and bodies are definitely worth dying for. So why would you want to hire a Magic Men stripper? Find these qualities in our charming man, and you will know why he is the right entertainer for you. Aside from being a hot attraction to your get-together, think about the great help you can get from our bare-chested waiters. Here are some reasons why you need to have them for your party



Male Strip Club Melbourne is hosting the hottest show every weekend.

  • $ 40 Per Person
    • Standing area only
    • Glass of Champagne
    • Tickets to the after party
    • Hot finger food
  • $ 50 Per Person
    • Silver reserved seating
    • Glass of Champagne
    • Tickets to the after party
    • Hot finger food
  • GOLD
  • $ 75 Per Person
    • Gold reserved seating
    • Glass of Champagne
    • Tickets to the after party
    • Hot finger food
  • Platinum
  • $ 95 Per Person
    • Front Row or VIP Booth
    • Glass of Champagne
    • Tickets to the after party
    • Hot finger food


1 1
High Tea Party: Manners, Lace, and Elegance

The high tea party is perfect for a luxurious and stylish experience of CLASSY HENS.

2 2
Indulging in A Luxury Cruise Ride

If you don’t worry about the budget, then a luxury cruise is perfect for the party.

3 3
A Pamper Session For The Care You Deserved

If you’re looking for a classy party with your hens, then a pamper session (spa day) is also a good idea.

4 4
Private Bartending: Sip and Spill the Fun

For cocktail lovers, this is your chance to learn and have endless fun while preparing epic cocktails from the private bartender.

Why Hire A Magic Men Topless Waiter?


He is service and entertainment in one complete package
He is there to assist you in serving food and drinks while providing you with entertainment by welcoming your guests and helping you in your party activities. That’s just like hitting two birds in one stone, right?
He adds more excitement to the party
Seeing these great-looking half-naked servers makes the ladies’ heart skip a beat. What more is exciting than that?


He is selfie-friendly. Ask him to join in your photo sessions, he will most likely oblige! This friendly guy gamely flashes his smiles for your picture-perfect shots.

He is a professional work  His task is to assist, entertain and make sure you are having fun. Trust him to do his work well, as he is trained to do so. He is expected to be friendly, approachable, and ever-ready to serve.

He can do more  He can offer more than food and drinks. Care to try his bartending skills? Be prepared to taste excellent cocktail mixes especially crafted by this sultry hunk. Ask him to prepare your favorite mix, and for sure he’ll never let you down.
An enjoyable and stress-free night awaits you with these charming topless waiters only from Magic Men. So why not get in touch with us and book one now




There is always a reason to party – any reason you may have is valid! In fact, you can even have a get-together without any reason at all, and that is perfectly fine! And while you are at it, make Magic Men a part of your celebrations. Come to us or let us come to your place – we promise to give you delightful and satisfying performances that will make you want more.


 A Stage Show
Our strip club is the No. 1 choice for your hens night. The spectacular stage is equipped with superb lighting and an audio setup that is perfect for a night of fun and making memories. What’s more, Magic Men’s electrifying performances will definitely thrill and entice you all evening.
Be part of the show and witness these sext men groove to the beat. A live show is nothing ordinary- you will feel the wonder and power of our performers as they let you experience heart-stopping performances that leave you bewitched and spellbound!
If you want to have an extraordinary night of fun and laughter, book for an exciting weekend male strip show with us.


Private Event
Fancy having your party at the place of your choice? No worries, our hunks will be with you where you want them to be. We will bring the show to you – whether it be done in the comforts of your home, or at a private function room.
An awesome private party gives you the exclusivity of being with your friends – having fun and enjoying the night all by yourselves.

A male strip show will all the more make your rather simple night into an awesome evening!
Magic Men has a variety of choices for your private strip show. You can have a partial strip show, a full strip show, and a double trouble show – your choice depends on how much thrill you can take, and I bet you would want nothing less than the best.



• A partial strip show lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. Our sexy dancer will leave one thing to your imagination as he undresses down to the one tiny piece of cloth that covers his being.


• A full strip show can really make your eyes all glued up to our hunk as he weaves magic for 15 to 20 minutes, slowly taking off all his clothes until nothing is left on! Avoid blinking your eyes or else you’ll miss the fun!


• Do not think that you cannot double the excitement of a strip show, because our men definitely can! Try our double trouble show, and be fired up throughout the performance, and beyond. For 30 to 40 minutes, your night will be filled with fantastic moves by two bewitching men alternatively seducing you, or doing their routines together. You will definitely go wild over these two!




While our men have perfected the art of serving you food and drinks to your heart’s content, they still have more to give you! Here’s a rundown of some of the tasks our topless barmen can do:


• Set up the party decorations in no time.

• Taste cocktails especially prepared for you

• Welcome and greet guests to your party

• Host and play party games

• Assist in clearing up the mess after the party 


You are in for a stress-free, trouble-free night with our topless waiters. Trust them to be a great addition to your celebrations. With their charming and friendly disposition, nothing can go wrong!


We work with the leading brands and nightclubs in the market

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Magic Men Experience

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a hens night, bachelorette party or just having a fun girls night in Melbourne, our hot and hunky male strippers and cheeky topless waiters are sure to make your ladies night one to remember. The Magic Men can visit suites, private function venues and residences around Melbourne for private shows just for you and your guests.

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"Best Strip Show I've Ever Seen."

Her ability to connect people, inspire audience and presentation skills are amazing and very creative.

- Jane Johnson



"Magic Men Eat your heart out"

She's got a passion for the design, development and marketing of enterprise software, and is one of the "go to" people.

- Samantha Smith


"The Hottest Strippers"

Honestly the hottest strippers i've ever seen! Had an awesome night, cant wait to have another hens night!

- Laura Ling

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities can a male stripper do?

Magic Men’s male strippers in Sydney are talented at providing incredible entertainment for a wide range of Melbourne occasions. Our stunning performers and topless waiters will make your event unforgettable, whether it’s a birthday, hen’s night, bachelorette party, or ladies’ night.

Why would you hire a male stripper?

Hiring a male stripper merges service and fun. They not only help with food and drink service, but they also give interesting entertainment. These lovely servers contribute to the excitement, ensuring that everyone has a wonderful experience.

What are the costs associated with hiring a male stripper?

At Magic Men, prices range to suit various preferences and budgets. A Topless Waiter service starts at $100 per hour. For more excitement, Partial Strip and Full Strip options are available for $250 for 15–20 minutes each.

For double the fun, our Double Trouble package with two performers is $450 for 30–40 minutes. With flexible pricing, you can customise the entertainment level to fit your event perfectly, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.