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Adelaide No.1 Topless Waiters

Topless waiters are the epitome of a great night in. Ready to serve your guests with a smile, a twinkle in their eye and an unbelievable set of abs. They’ll be the gorgeous party starter that works for you all.

Adelaide’s topless waiters are the go-to-guys if you’ve got a big night to celebrate. Not all ladies crave a wild night out on the town or in the club. So if that’s you- whether you’re planning a hens night, you’re a birthday girl or just seeking an unforgettable and wicked evening, you have come to the perfect place. Magic Men are rated number 1 topless waiters in Adelaide, so it’s time to see what all the fuss is about.

Once you have made the excellent decision to hire one, now is the time to start thinking about the finer details of your party. Knowing the dos and don’ts of the sexy servers will really help the flow and avoid any uncomfortable moments for you or him.


The do’s and don’t of hiring a topless waiter

When you’re thinking of hiring a topless waiter, you’re probably also thinking that you want to steer clear of anything that will cause the night to plummet.

Here is a list of the things that could definitely do, and avoid to keep the evening sweet:




Offer him space to prepare

On his arrival, your gorgeous male stripper is likely to need somewhere private to transform into the man of your dreams. He also needs to remove some of his clothes! He’ll emerge a sexy half-naked waiter wearing some snug undies and a black bow tie. Then he’ll be ready to get his game on.


Prepare for him

Putting the prep in beforehand will guarantee a much more successful night. Things you might need to prepare;

Food – it’s essential to think carefully about what your guests will eat and how you want your waiters to serve them. Your guys will be happy with whatever you choose, such as serving food for a sit-down affair or loading plates for the buffet.

The drinks – You may want him to mingle with the guests offering bubbles and refilling glasses or station himself behind the well-stocked bar. Our best boys are also excellent mixologists who create cocktails galore with the recipe and alcohol you have pre-prepared.
The games- these hunks are not just topless waiters; they’re also top entertainers and making you happy is what they love. Add games preparations onto your list because he’ll be totally up for leading the activities, and then you can join in with all the fun. Most don’t take much prep- questions games such as Never Have I Ever just require you to think about some questions to ask.


Let him know what you’d like him to do

Within reason, your waiter is at your disposal, but don’t expect him to know what you would like him to do. Be specific. He can’t read your mind. Examples of things you can ask are;

  • Welcome the guests with a glass of fizz
  • Offer canape’s of food
  • Be a buff bartender and serve the ladies when they’d like a refill
  • Serve the group at a table
  • Play games

But also let him know how you would like the party to feel. Do you want your host to banter and let his cheeky personality loose, or would you prefer him to be sleek and polite and show his true gentlemanly nature? The choice is yours.


Tip him

If you think your hot host has risen above and beyond for you, feel free to pop him some extra dollar. There’s no obligation, of course, but he would be ever so grateful.


Consider more than one waiter

There is no saying you can’t have more than one topless waiter. If you have a larger group of girls, hiring two is definitely recommended. Booking another means your event will be all the more smooth and even more fun and flirty. Don’t be mistaken; you don’t have to have a large group to hire two. You might just want more eye-candy strutting doing his thing.




Don’t – expect him to stay longer than you’ve booked him for

These topless waiters are fab, and whilst they are with you will work their socks off. However, when his time is up, he must head off. He may have another party to attend, so he can’t hang about. Make sure you plan your hens party timings well to ensure you have him for the duration you desire. If you’d like him to be there at the beginning to help with some last-minute preparations or be available at the end of the event for some cleaning up, book him for more time.

Don’t – expect them to do EVERYTHING

Although he’s there to be an extra helping hand, he’s not there to slave away. The fun of hiring a topless waiter is how he interacts with your friends and family and makes them feel special, so make sure you let him do that.

Don’t – expect him to strip

These topless waiters are just that. They’re there to wait on you and create some light-hearted fun. If you’re after something a little more naughty, then consider a male stripper. Available for full or partial strips, these guys bring the explosion that you’re seeking. They will stun you with their moves and please you with their tantalising striptease.

You can also book both a topless waiter and a male stripper package for the ultimate combo!



Stop talking, start choosing.

Now you know how to make a night with a topless waiter work for you. It’s time to take your pick from the selections of sexy men. Look carefully and find the one that is the perfect fit, then click the ‘book now’ icon, so he’s reserved just for you.

Call us or enquire to get this Australian party started. We are ready to help and make this the party of your dreams.

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