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Topless barmen and bartenders Sydney


Ladies, have you ever fantasised about an insanely hot hunk serving you food and drinks all night, half-naked? Have you ever wanted to feast your eyes on a man’s fine finesse whilst you feast on your food? Have you ever just dreamt of rippling abs and seductive smiles filling your evening? Well, you’ve landed in the right place to make your dreams a reality. Let’s give this dinner party a twist, not just any twist, but a gorgeous hunky and spicy twist.

A complete blow-out in a strip club isn’t for everybody, but if you quite fancy some of the magic coming to you, topless waiters in Sydney are the dream team to make your night perfect. These hunky hosts are confident, friendly and approachable; there’s not an ego in sight. Their sole purpose is to serve, smile and make your night super successful. So whatever your celebration, whatever your age (although 18+ of course) and whatever fantasies you have, our Magic Men will deliver on all levels.



I think the question is, what don’t they add. Don’t forget- you can choose your topless waiter Sydney, so scroll through the men you see on this page. There is someone for everyone. When you find him, make sure to book him—that way, he’s reserved just for you and your girlfriends. Of course, you need to provide the venue, the food and any alcohol, but my goodness, he’ll bring everything else.


So what do these half-naked heroes bring:


A sensational smile– these boys have smiles that will captivate any woman. From the moment your guests arrive, they will be working their magic and getting the party started.

An irresistible body– honestly, these men have bodies like no other. Closely resembling a god, you’ll find it hard not to reach out at every opportunity. It’s also safe to say; their photos don’t do them justice. In real life, they’re even tastier.

Gorgeous face– These sexy servers really do have it all. Their stunning looks match their inviting bodies to make the package complete.
Punctuality and reliability– Taking their job very seriously is part of the task. These boys will be with you at the time you have booked them for. Never will they be late or miss the start of the party. What’s more, they’ll contact you on the day to double-check the booking times and reassure you.
Professionalism– One thing, above all else, is that you can expect 100% professionalism from your Magic Men. From the moment you hear a knock on the door until he leaves, he will be doing his job and making sure he treats all the ladies to a flawless party.


A topless waiter is not just all of the above. They are not there just to look pretty; they also provide one hell of a helpful hand. They are excellent at keeping the party together and looking after the guests so you can join in with the fun. It just so happens they are incredibly delicious and semi-naked too.


So what else is in their job description?


Pre-party prep– If you’re hiring a hot host for the duration of your party, he can be available to help out before the guests arrive with some last-minute jobs. Maybe you have a few more decorations to put up or the bar area to arrange; give him a task and he’ll be keen to provide you with a helping hand.

Drinks service– Depending on your set-up, the boys will be more than ready to serve the drinks. This could be prosecco on arrival or pouring drinks behind the bar. You may prefer to walk around with some bubbles and a beady eye to see who needs a refill. Our talented chaps are also keen mixologists and are dab-hand at creating cocktails. So, if you provide the recipes you’d like and the alcohol, the boys will shake up a storm.

Serving food– The boys are also steady waiters. The food at your event could take many shapes. You may be planning a sit-down meal, a BBQ, an afternoon tea or a buffet. Whatever you decide, the super servers will be there to deliver it to your guests in sexy style.

Entertainment and games– This is where the boys really come into their own. Underneath their pristine appearance, they are top-notch performers who want to make you happy and give you the best hens night. With their added charm, they will lead any games you have prepared beforehand. Meaning you can immerse yourself in the party fun.

Tidy up – If your topless waiter is staying for the duration of the event, he can also hang around after the guests have left to help out with tidying up. This is especially helpful if your venue is not at your home and needs to be spotless before you go.

Individuality– Above all, these unique guys are there in body and soul and will put everything into making your night sparkle. They will charm your guests, make them laugh and smile. With their impeccable manners and presence, there won’t be a lady who doesn’t wish she could take him home.


We have options galore to make sure your package is perfect for you. For $200, the hunky server can be with you for 2 hours, but surely that isn’t enough? The 3-hour session comes in at just $270. Our suggestion is to hire one waiter for 15 ladies. When numbers exceed 20, we highly recommend inviting two to ensure the night runs without a hitch.

If you’d like some electrifying action, you could also think about hiring a topless waiter AND a male stripper. That way, you get twice the fun! The Basic Combo is just $440 and is perfect for up to 20 ladies. It gives you the delights of a buff butler as well as a 20-minute striptease with photo opportunities. If this still isn’t quite enough, you could invest in the Standard combo, which gives you two strips AND a topless waiter. Now you’re talking!



There you have it, all the information you need to know that hiring one of Sydney‘s topless waiters is just what you need to get your party started. It’s a no brainer.

Without further ado, decide which host you’d like to serve you all night long. Book your hottie quickly, or call us to start putting plans in place. We can help you with all aspects of the night’s dreams. Make sure you speak to us about all of your ideas because if we can make it happen, we will advise you on how it can be possible.

So, come on, ladies, call us today. The Australian man of your fantasies is waiting for you.

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