Joseph Armenaki


Wanting a hot topless GREEK GOD for your special night? With golden-brown hair and seductive green eyes, rock-hard abs and a mesmerizing smile, Joseph will make all your greek god fantasies come true. Born on the ancient Island of Aphrodite – the island of beauty & love, this hunk surely knows how to make you feel pampered and cared for. Joseph will make sure all the girls are having the time of their lives, always with a drink in their hands. He will make you and your guests laugh with his friendly personality, take plenty of pictures for your friends, play any game and will spice things up by doing body shots. Above all though – Joseph is a true, kind gentleman and will not leave until he’s sure he’s made your night an unforgettable one. Hire him as your TOPLESS WAITER now!



Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:

Golden Brown

Star Sign:



December 14, 2022